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High-rise buildings are proof of old architectural maxim: It’s less expensive to build up than out. It’s also true for parking spaces. Parkmatic designs, manufactures, and constructs fully automated and mechanical parking systems. This technology is designed to combat the growing problem by efficiently using our robotic car parking systems in areas where congestion, zoning, and crime are problems and where land is scarce and expensive. 


At Parkmatic we believe that our clients can have the best of all worlds. Creative Design, Cost Efficiency and Exceptional Client Service. Our company is focused on two areas: Maximum parking efficiency  at the most cost savings for our clients. As such, we continually expand our knowledge of state-of-the-art fully automated vehicle storage systems. Our people are the key to designing world class parking systems. 


Our team of seasoned professionals is large enough to handle major complex projects, while at the same time we are able to get to know our clients intimately, listen to their needs and deliver on our promises. We are nimble enough to work on complicated high-rise buildings as well as smaller renovations and everything in between.  While our disciplines are complex, partnering with Parkmatic and getting results is really quite simple: We listen. We respond. We deliver.

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Benefits of Automated Robotic Car Parking Lifts


  • More Parking in Less Space: Automated parking systems provide 2 or more times the number of available parking spaces than conventional self-park garages of the same volume, providing a faster return on investment and greater revenues. 

  • Lower ceiling height requirements. Eliminating concrete slabs between parking level floors, thus allowing for more parking levels gained in the same amount of space. Also virtually eliminating ducts and lighting on each level.

  • Dense door to door and bumper to bumper parking, which can also be installed in tandem. Two or three deep.

  • Eliminating the need for ramps, aisles, passenger lifts and stairs that are found in conventional parking garages.

  • No HVAC- Since vehicles are transported without the engine running; the storage vault does not require mechanical ventilation of vehicle emissions. The automated valet parlking garage is not accessible to the public, there is no need to ventilate, air-condition, or heat.

  • Less Space- By reducing the width, the vehicles are stored by the robotic car park systems with precise control of the vehicle movement; Automated Parking Garages utilize much narrower spaces than self-park facilities. Additional space width is not required for door opening clearances or for maneuverability into the parking space. One can accommodate approximately 4 automated-parking spaces in the same width as 3 self park spaces. Enhanced Saftey & Secuirty - because customers do not drive vehicles inside the automated parking garage, there is no risk of vehicle dents, scratches, collisions or property damage from erratic drivers. It is much secure than a conventional garage. Consequently, insurance rates are lower.

  • Reduced Lighting - only emergency and maintenance lighting is required. Utility costs for lighting are much less than for a self-park garage.

  • Enhanced Convenience - the customer experience is comparable to a high-quality valet parking operation except that robotics park and retrieve the vehicles instead of valet runners.

  • Faster Retrieval Time - depending on design, vehicles can generally be returned in 1 ½ - 2 ½ minutes.