Quad Stacker

Our Parkmatic Quad Stacker model VSS-PH4 similar in design to our Triple Stacker is the most cost-effective way of parking four vehicles in the space of a single parking space.

Our VSS-PH4 is available and can accommodate both sedans and SUVs on all levels. These parking systems can also be configured for drive-thru operation, having as many as three deep for maximum efficiency.

Parkmatic’s Quad Stacker Parking Lift utilizes a hydraulic and cable lifting system that is both efficient and safe. Each Quad Stacker features our unique anti-fall rods on each column as well as steel locking hooks for each level. These lifts, when installed in rows and sharing common legs, dramatically boost space efficiency. Individual key-operated control boxes for high-density, valet operations come standard with each VSS-PH4 Quad Stacker.

Our Quad Stackers are engineered to lift motor vehicles for parking purposes but also suitable for car dealers to use as a showcase with glass cover around the steel construction.. Structural Analysis for these lifts has been carried out in accordance with UBC-97 (Uniform Building Code) & ASCE-7 (American Society of Civil Engineers) with EQ and wind loads taken into consideration. Systems are approved by the City of New York/Dept. of Buildings. (Approval #: MEA157-04-E). During manufacture, these units are sandblasted, treated with an anti-corrosion coating, and then painted giving long operational life.

Technical Specifications: 

• Hydraulic Power Unit with single or three-phase motors.
• Non Hydraulic type all-electric models are also available.
• Multiple units can be linked together for commercial applications.
• Lifting capacity is 5500Kg /13750 lbs for the 3 Highs and 7500Kg /18750 lbs for the 4 Highs
• NEW security system against steel cable failure. Has a mechanical security system that prevents undesired moves.
• Can be lifted up or down manually in case of power failure.
• 45 seconds lifting time for each deck Lifting height 2m each deck /78″ or optional 60″ for low height clearances.
• Can be installed indoors or out.
• Endurance approval issued by The City of New York
• Department of Buildings – MEA(approval. # 157-04-E).
• Meets CE requirements