Triple Stacker

Our Parkmatic Triple Stacker model VSS-PH3 is the most cost-effective way of parking three vehicles in the space of a single parking space.

Our VSS-PH3 are available and can accommodate both sedans and SUV’s on all levels and are also available for sedans only for indoor low ceiling applications. These parking systems can also be configured for drive-thru operation, having as many as three deep for maximum efficiency. Parkmatic’s Triple Stacker Parking Lift utilizes a hydraulic and cable lifting system that is both efficient and safe. Each Triple Stacker features our unique anti-fall rods on each column as well as steel locking hooks for each level. These lifts, when installed in rows and sharing common legs, dramatically boost space efficiency. Individual key-operated control boxes for high-density, valet operations come standard with each VSS-PH3 Triple Stacker. Our Parking Stackers are engineered to lift motor vehicles for parking purposes but also suitable for car dealers to use as a showcase with glass cover around the steel construction.. Structural Analysis for these lifts has been carried out in accordance with UBC-97 (Uniform Building Code) & ASCE-7(American Society of Civil Engineers) with EQ and wind loads taken into consideration. Systems are approved by the City of New York/Dept. of Buildings. (Approval #: MEA157-04-E). During manufacture, these units are sandblasted, treated with an anti-corrosion coating and then painted giving long operational life.