Category: Completed Projects

Ford Dealership | Texas

Located in College Station, Texas, this Ford Dealership wanted to showcase their cars in a different way. This 10 vehicle Carousel system rotates cars one direction for 30 minutes, rests for 10 minutes, then rotates again in the opposite direction for another 30 minutes. Although there wasn’t a constraint for parking cars, this Ford Dealership wanted to use this as a show piece rather than for space savings functionality.

Trulieve Parking | Florida

This will be a first for the city of Gainesville, FL. Parkmatic installed (2) Carousel units for a project that will be used for employee and customer parking. These (2) Carousels will allow for 26 vehicles to be parked (SUVs and Sedans). No parking attendant or valet is required.

These Carousels are covered by a custom mural painted by a local artist that was recommended by the city and made the project well received within the community.

Roundabout | California

Roundabout Entertainment, located in Burbank, CA, reached out to Parkmatic to find a solution that would allow them to maximize their employee and visitor parking. Parkmatic installed 2 Carousel systems, converting 4 parking spaces into 14 parking spaces by using a 6-Car SUV and an 8-Car Sedan model Carousel. The project was limited to a 35′ height clearance, otherwise we would’ve gone higher and fit more cars.